The Romanian Journal of Political Science (PolSci) is the first Romanian peer-reviewed journal of political science edited and published twice a year by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) on behalf of the Romanian community of political scientists.

The journal publishes a diverse range of political science articles, especially from fields currently under-covered, such as comparative politics, public policy, political economy, or political psychology, covering Romanian or broader Central or South - East European issues. Papers are theory-grounded and based on solid empirical work.
PolSci (Romanian Journal of Political Science) is a bi-annual journal edited by the Romanian Academic Society (RAS). PolSci is indexed by ISI Thomson under the Social Sciences Citation Index and by other prominent institutions such as IPSA, GESIS, EBSCO, CEEOL and ProQuest. Previous PolSci contributors include Francis Fukuyama, Larry Diamond or Philippe Schmitter, as well...
CURRENT ISSUE   Vol. 16, no. 1, Summer 2016 – General issue  

General issue

ABSTRACT | PolSci Volume 16, number 1 (Summer 2016) comprises articles which deal with themes such as effects of military coups on the economy, private pension funds and foreign direct investments. The first article deals with the effects of Xi Jinping's political and economic transformation in China. The second explores the effects of military coups on Turkey's Gross National Product. The third article investigates whether privately managed pension funds represent a long term alternative for the pension system in Romania. The fourth discusses participation in the administration of local welfare systems in Spain. The fifth article focuses on foreign direct investments and their institutional quality factors in Romania and Bulgaria. The sixth gives an empirical overview of the contribution of military members in the process of creating a transparent security policy in Poland. Finally, the last article analyses the exposure to foreign...

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Indexed in:

  • Social Sciences Citation Index
    (ISI Thomson Reuters)
  • IPSA

Advisory Board

  • Larry Diamond Stanford University
  • Tom Gallagher University of Bradford
  • Alena Ledeneva University College London
  • Michael McFaul Stanford University
  • Philippe Schmitter Stanford University
  • Helen Wallace London School of Economics and Political Science

Published by:

Societatea Academica Romana