Authors’ Guidelines

Guidelines for articles

The publishing language is English. The recommended length of an article submitted for publication is between 5000 and 8000 words.

The articles submitted should be edited in Times New Roman, 12 font size and 1.5 line spacing. References and citations will follow the Harvard Style.

Your submission must be accompanied by the following information:

  • name and surname of the author(s);
  • institution and position held;
  • research interests (max 50 words/ author);
  • abstract (200-250 words);
  • keywords (max 5).

Ideally, an article will have the following:

– an introduction covering the following:

  • puzzle;
  • research question(s);
  • relevance and contribution (theoretical, methodological)
  • overview of the paper’s structure.

– a section on literature review needed for an academic article, i.e. a specific section discussing the already existing literature on this subject, but also explaining the gap in literature that the article covers.

– a methodology needed for an academic article, i.e. a specific section detailing the following aspects:

  • hypotheses;
  • research steps;
  • case selection and time frame of the analysis;
  • research methods.


Guidelines for book reviews

A review for PolSci should not exceed 1200 words per book. Where two or more books are reviewed in parallel the length limit rises proportionately to:

  • 2400 words for 2 books
  • 3000 words for 3 books

Suggested review approach

We recommend that approximately 1/3 of the review (up to 400 words) focuses on the aim of the research endeavor stated in the book in question.

It might be useful to follow the structure below:

  • What is the subject the book focuses on;
  • What are the author(s)’ main arguments;
  • What research approach/methodology the author adopts;
  • What topics, countries or cases the author analyses;
  • What is the book’s target audience.

The remainder of the review (up to 800 words) should focus on the reviewer’s opinion on:

  • Does the author(s) succeed in attaining the stated goal?
  • Is the book innovative or noteworthy in theory, method or empirical work?
  • Are there gaps or shortcomings in its approach/methodology?
  • How plausible are the author(s)’ arguments?
  • Is the language/writing style accessible and/or engaging?

The reviews must bring forward grounded criticisms and assess the books in question against academic professional standards.

Please submit your work saved as a Microsoft Word document at Please note that we will not review manuscripts that have already been published, are scheduled for publication elsewhere, or have been simultaneously submitted to another journal.

The PolSci selection board is committed to ensuring a timely selection process and informing the authors of the selection process outcome in 30 to 35 days from the call deadline. The Romanian Academic Society requires the assignment of copyright.

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