Submissions Terms and Conditions

If my current submission is accepted for publishing, I fully understand and agree to the following:

In order to ensure both the dissemination and protection of the papers published in our Journal, we ask the authors to assign the Romanian Academic Society (“us” or “we”) the rights of copyright in the articles they contribute. This enables us to ensure protection against infringement. In consideration of your Article’s publication, you agree to the following:

  1. The material submitted has not been published and is currently not being considered for publication by any other journal.
  2. You assign to us, with full title guarantee, all rights of copyright and related rights to your Article. So that there is no doubt, this assignment includes the transfer of the rights (i) to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the Article worldwide in all forms, formats and media known for two (2) years; (ii) to translate the Article into Romanian, create adaptations, summaries or extracts of the Article for an indefinite period; (iii) to sub-license all such rights to others.
  3. We shall prepare and publish your Article in the Journal. We reserve the right to perform editorial changes as may be necessary to make the Article suitable for publication, or as we reasonably consider necessary to avoid infringing third party rights or law and we reserve the right not to proceed with its publication for whatever reason.
  4. You hereby assert your moral rights to be identified as the author of the Article.
  5. You warrant that you have secured the necessary written permission from the appropriate copyright owner or authorities for the reproduction in the Article of any text, illustration, or other material. You warrant that, apart from any such third party copyright material included in the Article, the Article is your original work, and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity and cannot be construed as plagiarizing any other published work. The author takes full responsibility for the submission of plagiarized manuscripts.
  6. In addition, you warrant that the Article contains no statement that is abusive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, nor in any way infringes the rights of others, nor is in any other way unlawful or in violation of applicable laws.
  7. You shall keep us and our affiliates indemnified in full against all loss, damages, injury, costs and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses) awarded against or incurred or paid by us as a result of your breach of the warranties given in this agreement.
  8. If the Article was prepared jointly with other authors, you warrant that you have been authorized by all co-authors to sign this Agreement on their behalf, and to agree on their behalf the order of names in the publication of the Article.
  9. This agreement is subject to the Romanian law. It may only be amended by a document signed by both parties.

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