Comparing Transformations. The Institutional Reform

In our public and political life we were also missing referees for this struggle against corruption. Now we have them. The Coalition for the Clean Parliament, proudly chaired by the Romanian Academic Society, and which reunites Romania’s top NGO’s and her best journalists, is documenting the biographies of each and every Parliament candidate and mayor to help voters check on their preferred choices. Such a coalition in the intellectual life, to check on the good will, the objectivity and the competence of those who fight for leadership, and are therefore involved in a battle for power and supremacy, is unthinkable. The miracle may then happen that political life starts its process of clarification before the intellectuals are able to conceive theirs. From the vanguard of ‘return to Europe’ revolution which started in Romania only as late as 1989, the intellectuals risk falling to the rearguard, well behind NGOs, democratic politicians and the millions of Romanian students and laborers who have left the country, not just in search of a better material life, but in search of a society where a public sphere exists with clear criteria, norms and trustees. Only these societies are worth living in, and only the long-term war to turn the Romanian society into such is worth fighting.

published in Vol 4 - No 1 - 2004 // Comparing Transformations.The Institutional Reform

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